Sunday, July 20, 2014


Listening to your voices:

A handy tape recorder or voice recorder is needed for listening to your own voice. If you are in a computer, voice recorder can easily available to you in accessory.

This is not a surprise that you might feel the difference between the taste of your hearing and your own voice while you record. A catch is the match your own voice with the taste of your hearing.

You might wonder what taste you have of your hearing. For this, you need to listen to the library of voices of English speaker and the voice messengers like Paltalk, Skype, wechat are one of many online application that you can use to get familiar with the voices you love to hear and select one or the other for your reference.

What to hear in the voices you heard?

Your own voice is the voice you got which is everything for you. An English voice when you love it, and if you like to mirror and match the accent of it into you,  then you need to look into following some of the things:

An intonation: a wave of how it speaks where it becomes high and falls down, where it makes stress or long breath out, in where it touches with emotion and flow with a rhythm,  and where it takes pauses and make it a focus and all stoppages make it the rhythm again, sounds how it toned.

If you have a cold or cough, or if you have just woke up from bed, this is right time to alter your accent and have a new look to your own voice in English.

Mirror and matching of voices:

Matching requires mirroring of frequencies of wave of voices. To do this, you need to play or hear the voice you prefer and SPEAK OVER IT same as it speaks.  By this, you will know whether you sound like it or not. TRy to catch up with its intonation which has tried to explain above. Make it as REAL as possible. Practice as many times as possible until you become satisfied.  A click is how and when you will be satisfied.

For practising, you can make your own voice Dairy where you  will be recording everything you say and the moments when you are changing your tone and accent of your voice.