Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Learning English through Paltalk!!

My Experience on Pal talk:
Online752002; It is the representation of my born year 1975 and the year 2002 when I first became on line in Paltalk.
I do not remember exactly how I found the Paltalk website. I guess it was the moment when I was surfing on the google search engine which I used to do often while on the net and hadn’t had then a clear mind which sites to go and see. Being on Yahoo constantly for 2-3 years, now I see Paltalk as a future.

I now do not have to disguise myself to talk to somebody. I enjoy being on my own true identity. Distance learning group in Paltalk widely accepts international people around the world.

When I first took the mic and introduced myself in the room. The people said I had good English. Then it gave me an encouragement to talk again next time on the mic. But my speech never went further than a mere “hello, I am from Nepal which is located in south East Asia. It’s between India and China. Mount Everest lies in here as a border between Tibet and Nepal. I am here to learn English language and I want to practice my English language. Then finished!!

Even the room did not go further whenever I went to room and as long as I stayed there. Many people came in the mic and introduce themselves. And the admin was giving the mic to different people a chance to speak. I think my mind always selected that kind of room whenever I log on to the Paltalk. It was making me comfortable giving an introduction and staying quiet as long as l was on the line. On the text I was active but not on the mic. I am still not an active speaker still.

It was a Wishbone English class first where I had spoken a little more on different subjects than what I used to speak and I remembered he said “ Awesome… that’s awesome” when I talked on the mic on the question he asked in the room to discuss with everybody. I realized later it was a mere sort of encouragement to give to all ppl to run the room. He showed a great enthusiasm and co-ordination in the room. More and more I talked on the mic, less and less he was giving me encouragement lol and passed the mic to the next hand raised person. Then I felt this is it .. where I am then. And then I listened more in the room.

One Friday evening on the same Wishbone class, Annie214 from Usa was delivering her speech a whole 2 hours on US People, lifestyle and US government structure and challenges… something like that.
One the next day, I talked to her on Private message and I asked her how you were able to give the speech such a long period of time. Then she said she prepared on that earlier as wishbone announced it a week before that Friday evening. Then she told me how she took points and made up everything that came in her mind as she was speaking. The things that came to her mind, was the things that she had thought about that earlier.
Then I thought I think I knew all this but I just need to practice myself on my own!!

Two weeks later, I had a presentation on “Preparation of Root Canal, Instruments & Standardization.” I prepared exactly the same way. And the Doctor said that I sounded confident. This was an excellent presentation so far in that day’s presentation. If I knew that much, I will be perfect in Root canal preparation.!!!”
I told that to Annie, she was so happy. Then after few days, I did not able to online later those days; Telephone bills, Internet connection problem, Fathers’ heart touching statement on bills, study loads and due to all that online seemed difficult to be online again. Then I took a long break from Paltalk. But I was still going to cybershop for internet and email checking. Due to technical difficulties like not having a microphone on the cybershop and an open place which made a little wierd on talking on the mic in the computer. People still do not see this as a formal communication media. They thought it as a mere entertainment; only love-talk on the internet can happen. Those people will never know what is secret of talking on the net and raise their own voices unheard. LOL.

When, I again came back online on the paltalk after a year or so. I didn’t see Annie being online those days. But now I see her occasionally. I think she has already forgotten what she has done to me. But I never did so.

One day I met a good friendly teacher Lady B and She calls me a friend……………………………………. I sometimes ask myself whether to call her a teacher or a friend……………….. She is equally perfect!!!…………………………………

Learn English online!! is another great Online Class I have ever been in Paltalk. Teacher Lynne is the admin and the teacher of the room .The classroom is the wonderful platform for all English learner no doubt!!
This will be continued.......

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